United States Nexus - U.S. Nexus

U.S. Nexus, also developed by ECS, represented the most radical of the three JSRTS software capabilities. US Nexus used avatar-centric, 3D environments to allow numerous staffs across the United Stated to collaborate in the execution of large scale emergency response exercises.  The secret to US Nexus was the creation of a parallel virtual world modeled on the United States, with  3D nodes supporting political jurisdictions (cities, counties and states) across the country.  The capability was unprecedented in a variety of ways, allowing large scale collaboration never before available to Emergency Management officials.  The capability was fully integrated with EMST and RaSOR-EM, boasting 3D virtual operations centers that allowed users avatars to 'port' to EMST training events, among a host of other capabilities.  Unfortunately, US Nexus deployment was limited due to the technological limitations of the period, and the system saw only limited use. 


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