Marching On Tuzla

Maps and Graphics

Task Force Eagle Base Camps  1997.jpg

This image shows the various Main Supply Routes (MSR) and bases in the American area of responsibility in northern Bosnia in mid-1997.  The Nordic Brigade was responsible for 40% of the U.S. sector.  The 1st Infantry Division bore responsibility for the remaining 60%.  (Mouse over the map and left-click to zoom in)


This graphic illustrates the extraordinary complexity of the Bosnian conflict.  The Civil War found the Croatian, Muslim and Serbian groups hopelessly intermingled.  The resulting dislocation of the population sent refugees fleeing across internal and international borders.  A sizable number of Bosnian Muslims relocated to Central and Western Europe for the duration of the conflict;  coordinating their return to homes often destroyed by war or occupied by hostile factions was huge task faced by NATO following the signing of the Dayton Accords

Balkans Regional Map.jpg

This map provides a detail of the major roads throughout Northern Bosnia and neighboring Croatia.  Pecs, in Southern Hungary at the top center of the map, acted as the rear logistics base for the Nordic Polish Brigade.  Brigade personnel routinely traveled the roads between Doboj and Pecs, which form the geographic basis for much of Marching on Tuzla.