The Defeat of Task Force Smith - October 1993

The defeat of Task Force Smith at the hands of the North Korean Peoples' Army in June 1950 has become something of a rallying cry for the modern U.S. Army.  Unfortunately, remembering doesn't mean that we actually learned anything.  This study compares the performance of an elite U.S. combat formation at one of the Combat Training Centers (CTC), and suggests that the original Task Force Smith actually performed more effectively.  

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Designing the Next Infantry Fighting Vehicle  (Originally Published in INFANTRY Magazine, July-August, 1996)

This analysis represented a natural off-shoot from the Maneuver Warfare doctrine espoused by William, Lind, Dr. Bruce Gudmundsson, Dr. Steven Candy, and others.  Generally ignored at the time, events have come to validate many of the recommended features.  

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Asking the Right Questions About the Army's Anti-Armor Programs (Originally Published in National Guard Review Magazine, Spring 2000

This study represents a nearly wholesale indictment of current anti-armor engagement doctrine, suggesting that our approach, and the technologies employed, are significantly flawed in most engagement scenarios.  The study also suggests a low-cost solution to the challenge.