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The Joint State Response Training Systems, JSRTS, was developed by the National Guard Bureau J7 beginning in 2005.  The capability consisted of three integrated software applications - the Regional and State Online Resource - Emergency Management (RaSOR-EM), the Emergency Management Staff Trainer (EMST), and the U.S. Nexus avatar based virtual world.  

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Regional and State Online Resource - Emergency Management (RaSOR-EM) featured over 42 layers of emergency management data at the national, state and local levels, including over 40,000 links to external information.  RaSOR-EM was developed by Concurrent Technologies Corporation, Johnstown, Pennsylvania, in collaboration with the National Guard Bureau and was initially fielded in 2007.

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The Emergency Management Staff Trainer (EMST) is a fully interactive emergency management tool that combines individual, small group and large group training and exercises in a single platform.  Cloud based and national standards compliant, EMST was revolutionary when initially fielded in 2008 and remains without equal today.


U.S. Nexus was an avatar-centric virtual world for business and government.  Developed by Engineering and Computer Simulations (ECS) in collaboration with the National Guard Bureau, U.S Nexus featured a fully populated virtual;, parallel United States, allowing for large scale emergency management training for the first time.

Worldnet is a proposed parallel virtual world building on the lessons learned from earlier simulation efforts like U.S. Nexus.  Worldnet proposes a detailed roadmap for the development of a virtual world ushering in the transformation to a 3D internet 

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