Regional and State online Resource - Emergency Management (RaSOR-EM)

Developed by Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC), in Johnstown Pennsylvania, RaSOR-EM was the first operational element of the JSRTS capability.  Adapted from an earlier mapping capability called CERIAC, RaSOR-EM used a highly intuitive ma-based approach top provide access to emergency management data at the federal state and local levels.  Significantly, RaSOR-EM leveraged data rather than mining it, providing the use with over 40,000 links to civilian and military response data.  I all, RaSOR -EM  supported over 40 different data layers in a way that provided unprecedented access to critical information.  In one example, RaSOR-EM was used to support collective JSRTS training by providing the number of available hospital beds - and the telephone number for the hospitals - for every medical treatment facility on a given county or city, anywhere in the United States.  Even today, RaSOR-EM remains among the most powerful information support capability of its type in the world.