Emergency Management Staff Trainer (EMST)

EMST represented the core JSRTS capability.  Designed and developed by Engineering and Computer Simulations (ECS), in Orlando Florida, EMST provided individual education, individual training and collective training in a single web-based software package.  This approach was and remains revolutionary in its approach.  By way of comparison, a $10K proctored EMST exercise is currently accomplished by a much less capable system costing $500K per exercise or more.   The RaSOR-EM mapping and data leveraging capability was fully integrated into EMST, allowing National Guard training managers unprecedented capability to deliver geo-specific training anywhere, anytime and at extremely low cost.  In one demonstration for senior officials at FEMA, National Guard personnel created and initiated a training exercise (centered on the home town of the senior FEMA official present!) in less than five minutes.  Later in a separate briefing to officials at FEMA's Emergency Management Institute in Emmetsburg, Maryland, National Guard presenters noted that JSRTS' web-based approach meant that the system could support more than 100,000 collective training events per year, along with nearly unlimited individual training sessions.    

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