Miljahovci Bosnian T72.png

Throughout the Bosnian Civil War, the Bosnian Muslim combatants proved significantly more adaptable than their Serbian adversaries.  This video clip purports to show efforts by the inhabitants of the town of Milojhoci, northwest of Tuzla, and their attempt to field their own armored unit!  Their level of success was unclear.  

Bosnian Muslims Forces Near Doboj 1993.p

Bosnian Muslim forces reinforce the lines near Doboj.  The video is undated, but likely was taken in 1993 or 1994.  Note the extreme lack of modern equipment.  

Video Credit:  Associated Press

M88 Crossing the Sava iin 1995.png

The U.S. bridging of the Sava River in 1995 was a major embarrassment for the Army until its successful completion in December 1995.  Army engineer units initially located their base camp on the river's flood plain.  Rapidly rising waters flooded the camp days later and required an emergency evacuation.  Fortunately, no one was seriously injured or drowned.

Video Credit:  Associated Press

1AD Bosnia Patrol 1996.png

1st Armored Division provided the core of the initial U.S. presence in Bosnia beginning in January 196.  The division was relieved by the 1st Infantry Division in late 1996.  

Video Credit:  Bob Gross (U Tube Upload)

Danish Tank Company Image.png

The Danish battalion assigned to the Nordic Polish Brigade was the only contingent to bring tanks with them.  This unit, equipped with Leopard 1 A4 Main Battle Tanks, was well trained and actively patrolled the roads in their Area of Responsibility.  

The Danes didn't stop with tanks.  Their armorers displayed a great deal of creativity in modifying their Vietnam era M113 Armored Personnel Carriers.  One notable model featured a full turret with a 30mm auto-cannon!  

Video Credit:  Associated Press